Hydrating & Replenishing

Already naturally occurring in the body, (production depletes as we age), Hyaluronic Acid is a go-to skin care essential which works to keep skin stable, safe and constantly renewed. Experts applaud its stunning capacity to attract and hold onto 1,000 x its weight in moisture. Mind-blowing, right? No wonder it’s such a vital skincare ingredient, working overtime to keep skin super hydrated, replenished, supple and plump (in a good way). It’s a ‘humectant’ - which means it draws moisture from the atmosphere or from within the skin to hydrate the skin's outermost layer. This ability to retain water ensures Hyaluronic Acid offers an incomparable hydration boost, revitalising the skin’s outer surface layers and effectively repairing skin. It can help ease sun damage, pigmentation and inflammation, plus improve skin tone and texture by helping to defend against free radical activity. Alongside healing, it’s an impressive anti-ager, instantly improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and leaving skin feel softer, smoother and dewy.