Firming & Anti-inflammatory

One of the most advanced and new natural ingredients out there, Plant Stem Cells are super potent cellular components which allow flowers and trees to self-renew and self-repair after injury (ever wondered how, after pruning, new buds grow?). Would our skin like to do this too? Yes please! And the good news is that these protective plant extracts can reportedly translate into skincare, where the same antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties have been said to boost collagen synthesis, increase cell oxygenation and fend off free radicals.  Anti-aging? Correct. Renewing? Sure. Smoother, firmer skin? You bet. This is biotechnology at its best. And whilst Bougainvillea is a tropical climbing plant from South America it does a lot more than just look stunning on your villa. Bougainvillea stem cells are said to decrease the ageing process on a cellular level and act as an intense source of vitality and radiance for skin that needs a boost, leaving it tighter and brighter.