Scentiana represents a new model in intelligent, high-performance natural skincare. Conceived to prolong the condition of skin, we’ve taken grade A natural ingredients of rare quality, many usually reserved only for the face, and created a ground-breaking holistic support system for the body. One intended to protect and renew skin, spirit and senses as one.

Our future-facing formulas harness the innate power of plants and cutting-edge, scientifically-backed active ingredients of impeccable safety and provenance. Utilising the highest quality plant stem cells, crushed precious stones, vitamins and emotionally nurturing essential oils, Scentiana sets a new benchmark in self-care for the body.

A meticulously curated collection ranges from cream to scrub to balms as well as including our iconic Reviving Face & Body Mist. All are designed with intent to enhance the body’s natural processes, improve the longevity and health of skin, and support the modern woman with layered daily rituals. We understand that to feel beautiful is to feel healthy, supported and full of vitality. Which is why, beyond the pursuit of surface beauty, we offer bio-active skincare innovation which goes deep.

Experience Scentiana. Discover beauty of the transformative kind.