Our Founder

Meet Tatiana Korsakova

Welcome to Scentiana, my supercharged skincare line. Whilst the collective discourse around the aesthetics of beauty continues, I believe the essence of beauty lies in health. Scentiana was born out of my own search for ultra-pure, ultra progressive skincare that offers the body the same level of radically advanced care that is usually reserved for the face.

I have always been passionate about supporting the modern woman. In a world where life expectancy is higher than ever, our skin carries us from our teens, perhaps through pregnancies and, if we are blessed, right through the post-menopause years when our largest organ becomes its most vulnerable. Innovations in preventative healthcare abound, yet still body skin is so often ignored.

Protecting our body starts with protecting our skin. Scentiana’s mission is to improve skin health, quality and longevity by creating optimised, powerhouse formulas that respect body and face in equal measure. We source new-generation natural actives which are rich in the essential nutrients that tackle the enemies of skin: too much sun, environmental and emotional pollution, poor nutrition, hormones, the privilege of ageing.

Interlaced with the poetry and potency of unashamedly feminine scents, whenever I use my Scentiana products, my skin radiates. I feel alive, confident, energised, resilient.
I’d love you to feel this too.