How to Party Proof Your Skin

The festive season is upon us: frosty mornings, the warmth of a wood smoke fire, perhaps an invitation on the mantel piece and some traditional decorations in the hallway. Yet whilst it’s one of our favourite times of year for gatherings and sparkle, added pressures do have a tendency to take their toll. Those extra ‘to-do’ lists, sneaky indulgences and inevitable late nights can leave skin looking lacklustre and unloved – right when you want it to shine.

At Scentiana we are huge believers in making time for the little rituals of holistic self-care which will support you through life’s ups and downs. So, whether you are heading to an elegant dinner party or out for some rocket-fuelled cocktails, we’d like to share our easy pre- and post-party protocol. A little bit of self-love can go along way when it comes to elegantly negotiating one of the busiest periods of the year.



We recommend daily use of a dry body brush the week leading up to a big event. Not only will this practice invigorate your mood, it will remove dead skin cells, help to unclog pores and stimulate the lymphatic system, perhaps even helping to keep unwanted bugs at bay. Before a bath or shower take your body brush and lightly stroke skin from the feet upwards, making sure that when you get to the stomach and upper body area you are moving in a clockwise direction towards your heart.

Pro Tip: For further renewal, finish with a small handful (you won’t need too much after already body brushing) of our Smoothing Body Scrub, applied to wet skin and gently rubbed in. It not only cleanses and refreshes but, because of its high oil content including nourishing Rosehip Seed Oil, it leaves skin beautifully hydrated. 


A diet rich in fibre is fundamental for good heart, gut and metabolic health. Pack as much of it into your diet the week before a party as you can and you’ll be kickstarting your digestion, cleansing your bowels and boosting your microbiome. Plenty of fibre can also help you feel fuller for longer and assist in weight loss. What’s not to love? A fibre rich regime basically helps you to create a mini pre-party cleanse at home. So don’t forget your fibre rich foods which include: green vegetables, avocados, oats, beans, citrus fruits, raspberries, strawberries, apples, nuts, bulgar wheat, chia seeds, sunflower seeds and chickpeas.


We all know how important it is to keep up our water intake. It’s recommended that we drink 1.5-2 litres daily which helps to flush out waste, oxygenate the whole body and hydrate the skin. It makes sense, before a party, to be especially vigilant. This will help to flush out toxins, ensuring you feel energised and alert. Added benefit: it will boost your skin’s mega-watt glow.


We all need sleep to survive, and we also know how much the quality of our skin improves when we are well rested. If you want to sparkle for a special night it makes sense to get enough shut eye in the nights leading up to it. Try to protect your sleep hours as you would a child by adopting a few flexible rules (nothing too rigid which can create counter productive anxiety). Eat early in the evening, turn off electrics at least an hour and a half before you hit the pillow and try a warm bath followed by a dark room at a cool temperature. Aim for at least 7-8 hours a night to allow your body and skin to repair and re-energize. Nothing will make you feel better.



For luxe looking limbs it’s important to hydrate inside and out. So, keep up your water intake throughout the day but also remember to nourish your skin from the outside too. Scentiana’s Rescuing Balm can be thought of as like a full body mask enriched with Vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acids to protect, hydrate and deeply nourish your skin. If you want to self-tan, now is also the time to do that. Whichever product you use, be sure to let it sink in to moisturised skin before dressing or going to bed.


You don’t need to be wearing open toed sandals on the night to give yourself an at-home pedicure. Just knowing that your feet are soft and your toes painted is enough to feel glamorous. Follow an at-home foot bath with our Smoothing Scrub to soften soles and heels, rinse, and then massage pressure points with our Replenishing Cream for deep relaxation. Clear polish can be a discreet option for the winter months.


Whether it’s an intimate gathering you’re attending or something more upscale and glittery, getting enough sleep the night before is vital. Whilst the Old Wive’s Tale  ‘Every hour before midnight is worth two after’ might not be true, skin slips into recovery mode when we snooze so do give it the downtime it needs. If you have difficulty falling asleep, try some conscious breathing. Breathe in for 4 counts, hold for 4, breathe out for 4. Repeat the cycle until you feel your mind calm and your whole system relax.



Whilst you may feel like you need a quick pep-me-up late afternoon, do avoid it if you can. Caffeine can place extra strain on your liver, the one organ that you likely need to be in in tip top condition before a big night out. Opt for a herbal tea instead. Peppermint is especially refreshing.


What you eat before a party can have a big effect on both energy levels and how you metabolise alcohol. So, try to eat some salmon, avocado or nuts before heading out the door. Healthy fats will slow the digestive process down, meaning any alcohol will take longer to be absorbed. What’s more the protein in salmon and nuts will keep you fuller for longer – so less chance of overdoing it on canapes on arrival.


To replicate the gleaming limbs you see on the red carpet, take a shower, pat skin dry and apply our Sensual Body Oil lightly to legs, shoulders and décolleté. The mix of Calendula and Rosehip Seed Oil will leave skin gleaming and the scent is designed to give you a mood boost that will leave you feeling confident and ready.



Clear your diary for the morning after if you can. Plan to take it easy. A good long soak in a bath can ease a possibly sore head and partied out body by drawing toxins out of the skin. Alternatively, a short work out or bracing walk will blow out the cobwebs. Be honest with yourself about what your body needs. Rehydrate, eat nourishing energy-giving foods and gift yourself one more early night.

Pro Tip: Apply our Rescuing Body Balm before bed. Zesty notes of Lemongrass and Bergamot will enliven your senses whilst the warmth of Sandalwood and Jasmine are gorgeously comforting.