Get Set For Summer With Scentiana

Summer and bare skin go together like the sea and sand. However, whilst we all have a vision of ourselves in a swimming costume with beautifully bronzed limbs, the reality of ‘the big reveal’ can bring a host of challenges. From smooth skin to bikini lines, here’s how to prepare to bare as the temperature rises.

1. Eat seasonal skin food

There’s nothing better than a slice of watermelon on a balmy afternoon, but did you know that eating seasonally can boost your skin at the same time? The vitamins and minerals found in colourful fruit and vegetables can help protect your skin from oxidative stress whilst also supporting your skin’s natural barrier. Some of our favourites to pack into your summer diet are:

  • Blueberries - aside from being an antioxidant powerhouse they contain vitamins A, C and E to help with that megawatt glow.
  • Red bell peppers – did you know they contain more Vitamin C than oranges?
  • Tomatoes – tomatoes contain Lycopene (another antioxidant) which helps increases the skin’s resistance to sun damage (Note: you must always wear sunscreen too).
  • Avocados – are full of Essential Fatty Acids which help with the skin’s natural moisture barrier, keeping it hydrated and plump from top to toe.

2. Transformative treatments

Whilst we are huge believers in the body boosting effects of exercise and good nutrition, we also like to supplement our skincare with treatments. There are more hi-tech body treatments than ever for achieving smoother, firmer skin. We are huge fans of Dermalux LED therapy. Safe and non-invasive, Dermalux uses different wavelengths of light to benefit the skin on the face and body in multiple ways. Blue light has the ability to fight blemishes and acne (great for the back area) and can calm inflamed skin. Red light accelerates cell renewal and boosts collagen, and near infrared light calms irritation and reduces pigmentation. After a course of treatments we find our skin is generally left more even, plump and radiant. Another in-salon treatment undergoing a revival is Endermologie. The body secret of the chicest French women, Endermologie uses a patented hand held machine which delivers a unique mechanical massage to the skin. The pummelling action is said to help release toxins, tackle poor lymphatic circulation, and is particularly effective at improving the appearance of cellulite. You can expect to notice a difference after 3 sessions.

Woman In Sunhat Lying Next To Swimming Pool

3. Smooth operator

Everyone has their own personal relationship with their body hair, and whether you choose to shave, wax or opt for laser hair removal, how you manage yours is completely up to you. However here are a few de-fuzzing facts you should know:

  • Laser hair removal can be highly effective but it doesn’t work for everyone. It normally takes 8-12 treatments over 4-6 weeks, and may not work as well on those with fair, red or grey hair as the laser picks up on the pigment in the hair.
  • Despite common belief, shaving won’t make your hair grow back thicker, darker or faster.
  • Waxing can cause ingrown hairs – these are caused when hairs can’t break through the skin. If you are prone to them, keep cell build up at bay with our Scentiana Smoothing Body Scrub.

4. Superboost your beauty regime

In the countdown to Summer, your skin will really benefit from upping the ante on your face and bodycare regime. We are never without the Scentiana Glorious Lip Balm which contains an exotic cocktail of natural oils, from Sea Buckthorn to Prickly Pear, as well as Jasmine Stem cells (we also use it on cuticles for a mini manicure). Then, for a double dose of hydration, we recommend product layering. The Scentiana Reviving Face and Body Mist can be used head to toe and contains Organic Rose Hydrolat to soothe and condition, as well as Vitamin B12 which brightens and tightens skin. Lock it all in with our Replenishing Body Cream which contains a skin rejuvenating cocktail of Bougainvillea plant stem cells and Hyaluronic Acid to banish dryness and leave skin beaming.

Woman Floating In Water Black And White

5. Perfecting sunlit skin

We always advocate skin safety in the sun and are never without an SPF 50. But the other product we won’t be without this summer is our very own Sunlit Body Shimmer. This magically golden oil gilds your skin with a subtle illuminating shimmer but is also packed with skin-boosting skincare ingredients. Apply it daily to really reap the skincare benefits (the Neroli, Rose, and Ylang Ylang scent is heavenly too), or as a finishing touch to your self-tan. Skin is left illuminated, radiant, and glowing, hopefully just like you!