Bio-Active Skincare

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs a significant amount of what we apply to it -  most especially the products we use in our daily face and body regime. All the more reason to choose wisely, using top-quality brands that prioritise naturally safe bio-active ingredients.

Bio-active ingredients are naturally derived compounds from plants, herbs, or algae that are rich in the antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that work on a cellular level to enhance cell growth and hydration, reduce inflammation and help support the skin's natural barrier function, thereby improving skin texture and integrity.

The term ‘Bio-active’ describes any natural active ingredient that is typically derived from plants.

It’s reassuring to think that unlike ingredients created in a laboratory, bio-actives have proven health benefits which date back thousands of years (the oldest natural medicinal formula was written and discovered on a 5,000-year-old Egyptian scroll).

At Scentiana we are passionate about enhancing the health and vitality of the skin and protecting it from environmental and other skin toxins. Sourcing the safest, plant-derived bio-active ingredients our scientifically-progressive range is carefully formulated to protect, nourish and enhance inner cell vitality and overall skin health at every age and stage in life.

For instance, our luxurious velvety Replenishing Body Cream is overflowing with Bougainvillea Plant Stem Cells. Originating from South America, the cells of this tropical climbing plant are believed to help stimulate collagen synthesis for a healthier, more nourished appearance, while bio-active Hyaluronic Acid from the Aloe Vera plant lubricates the cells, boosting hydration levels and plumping and softening even the driest skin types. 

Scentiana’s Smoothing Body Scrub contains a powerhouse of bio-active compounds to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and nourish the skin. The star of the show here is Quillaja Saponaria Bark Extract - a rich brown liquid from the soapbark tree native to central Chile that is overflowing with antioxidants and plant saponins to help break down excess oil in the skin leaving it clean and silky smooth. Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil, an organic oil native to the Himalayas and rich in healing and nourishing Oleic Acid works in tandem with Rosehip Oil to protect and nourish dry and damaged skin for a soft, supple and radiant glow. 

Lastly our nourishing Rescuing Body Balm is rich in bio-active Retinol which works alongside Phytic Acid to stimulate collagen production and increase cell turnover in the skin, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines, revealing fresh softer and brighter skin.

Scentiana prides itself in using natural bio-active ingredients that enhance skin replenishment and invigorate the body’s natural cellular functions. When combined with the finest therapeutic essential oils results are instantly visible and sustainable.