At Scentiana, we combine scientific know-how with delicately considered beautifully evocative bespoke aromas. From deeply soothing Neroli to the exotic sensuality of Jasmine (known as ‘Queen of the Night’), we use only the purest and most exquisite of essential oils. Synergistically woven together, our sophisticated scents nourish the skin, support the nervous system and tend to emotional well-being. 

Each Scentiana product carries a bespoke aroma story at its heart. Each one smells unique. Each is created with clear purpose. The woody notes of Sandalwood and Vetiver in our Smoothing Body Scrub are blissfully soothing whilst Pink Grapefruit adds positivity. Our Replenishing Body Cream has become legendary for its gloriously feminine scent which cocoons and cushions with a divine floral uplift. Zesty notes of Lemongrass and Bergamot are rounded out with the warmth and depth of Sandalwood and Jasmine in our Rescuing Balm and our Reviving Mist eases anxiety with Rose Hydrolat and Geranium Bourbon. Equally decadent, our Nourishing Lip Balm mainlines the warm innocent aroma of Vanilla combined with a drop of Rose Damascena. Like a hug for your lips.

Scentiana scents hold the potential to transform your emotional well-being in any given moment. They are designed to feed your skin in the long term and renew your senses in the moment.