Our ‘décolletage’ (which includes our lower jaw, neck, breasts and cleavage) is a vulnerable area that is all too easily ignored, forgotten or over-exposed to UV rays. Incorporate this area into your daily skincare routine to help reduce signs of ageing and wear those low-cut dresses with pride.


Build a simple neck and chest skincare routine into your life and you won’t look back. This routine requires dipping in and out of your shower, so keep a dressing gown handy.

STEP 1 - Exfoliate

Apply a small amount of our Smoothing Body Scrub to you decolletage. In small, sweeping upwards movements, work the salty granules across your skin. The Pink Himalayan salts will gently remove dead skin cells, while the Moringa and Rosehip Seed Oil will stimulate cell renewal and lock-in moisture. Rinse in warm water and pat skin dry.

STEP 2 - Hydrate

Spritz your chest area with our beautiful Reviving Mist to hydrate, balance and protect your skin. This calming gold-infused blend gently encourages cell regeneration while Vitamin B12 hydrates.

STEP 3 - Regenerate

Leave the Mist to sink in for a few minutes, then apply our Replenishing Body Cream to restore, hydrate and regenerate the skin. Formulated with Plant Stem Cells, Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil, expect a powerhouse of hydration and protection. A self-massage using your hands or a massage tool brings extra benefits and will relax you before bed. Sleep well, knowing your skin will thank you.

Repeat this three-step routine on a weekly basis. And always remember to wear UV sunscreen.