Introducing the Sensual Body Oil

Formulated to deeply nourish and repair the skin whilst stimulating the senses and soothing the mind, our exquisite Sensual Body Oil sets a new benchmark in body-mind support.

This concentrated nectar contains plant stem cells, protective antioxidants and adaptogens which together work to promote collagen production, enhance cell renewal and strengthen the skin’s delicate barrier, helping to improve both firmness and elasticity. Interlaced with the purest of essential oils, synergistically blended to nurture emotional wellbeing, this is a future-facing formula which goes far beyond being ‘just’ a body oil and tends to both the physiological and psychological.

What ensures the Sensual Body Oil so special? Here are some unique results driven ingredients which combine bio-actives with beautiful essential oils.

What it does

With an innate feminine energy, our Sensual Body Oil is designed to activate the body’s sensors and instigate feelings of protection, connection and love. It can be lightly massaged onto sensitive areas which are often forgotten, such as hips, bottom or breasts. Alternatively, in moments of self-doubt, it can be dabbed onto the heart centre or onto pulse points, exactly like a perfume but with the potential to harness more intimacy, trust and faith.

By encouraging a return to balance and strength, this exquisite serum is intended to inspire a re-discovering of physical and emotional prosperity. It makes a beautiful gift, from woman to woman, for those facing difficult or challenging times and who need extra support and clarity.


Herbal healers

Pioneering, results-driven ingredients include topical Ashwagandha, credited with cortisol-calming qualities and an ability to soothe inflammation. Often ingested as an apoptogenic supplement, this centuries-old remedy can also be applied trans-dermally. So, too, Damiana, an ancient herb with reputed aphrodisiac powers, which provides potent anti-photoaging properties.

Plant goodness

Meanwhile, Jasmine Stem Cells and Saffron deliver an impressive antioxidant hit, protecting delicate skin cells from free radicals and oxidative stress. The use of cutting-edge Hydrafence, formulated with a blend of Red Algae and Lactic Acid, promotes dermal renewal, and nourishing Calendula Oil fortifies the skin's natural barrier. In addition, Rosehip Seed Oil helps to lock in long-lasting moisture and Arnica is soothing and anti-inflammatory. 

The scent story

Scentiana scents are equally integral to the experience, rooted in the knowledge that, of all the senses, smell is the only one which ‘talks’ symbiotically to the heart and plays a major role in forming our emotions, mood and memory. The Sensual Body Oil’s beautifully rich and transformative aroma is intended to further encourage a sense of comfort, tenderness and appreciation, addressing your entire system not just the skin supporting it.

Emotionally uplifting Neroli twists with the warmth of heart-opening Rose Damascena. Anxiety-soothing Vanilla adds a calming, grounding touch and three variants of Jasmine are heady and happy-making. Indeed, Jasmine Grandiflorum Flower Extract not only adds depth of aroma and improves how the skin functions, but, in the unique ‘phyto-fermented’ form used here, its topical application has also been scientifically proven to stimulate the release of Oxytocin, also known as ‘The Love Hormone’, because of its ability to incite pure happiness and joy.

How to use

The Quick Fix

This precious oil is the perfect panacea during time-pressed moments of self-doubt. Simply dab the oil onto pulse points and rub into your heart centre, breathing in the warm aromas to uplift your spirit and help you move through your day with added confidence and self-assurance.

Long & Lovingly

Or, to truly absorb the sensual goodness, take some time for yourself every evening (or morning if it suits you) to breathe deeply as you lovingly and gently massage a very light coating of the oil over your whole body. Inhale the seductive, heart-warming scent and try to appreciate all that your body is, and what it does for you every day.

We hope you’ll treasure our Sensual Body Oil which not only reveals fresher, softer and brighter skin but deeply relaxes, nourishes and instantly restores.