Scentiana’s forward-facing formulas represent the ultimate union between pioneering naturals, progressive cosmetic science and exquisitely woven aromatherapy-based scents. We source next frontier bio-active ingredients to create innovative skincare solutions which reinvigorate the body’s natural cellular functions.

Sitting at the forefront of cosmetic science, Scentiana’s cell communicating formulas encourage smoother, softer skin by helping to stimulate cell turnover and by promoting vital skin-replenishing essentials such as collagen, elastin and lipids. Studies have shown that when the biochemical pathways that promote skin tissue are stimulated, the tone and texture of the outermost epithelial cells can be replenished, revitalised and renewed.

At the same time as protecting the skin to protect the body, Scentiana’s integrated aromas support the nervous system, influencing mood and memory association. When inhaled, scent molecules travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain and especially impact the amygdala, its emotional centre. In fact, research has shown that 75% of our daily emotions are evoked by scent. Infused with beautiful plant based aromas, Scentiana tends to both the physiological and psychological.