Transeasonal Skincare Tips For Spring

When the temperature rises, and the sun begins to break through it’s time to bring our bodies out of their winter hibernation.

Many of us neglect ourselves from the neck down over the colder months. If this is you, then now is the time to dust off your dry skin and invest in a daily and weekly bodycare regime. Not only will your body be primed for upcoming bare leg days, but the act of daily self-care is a reminder to tune in and really appreciate yourself.

Here are our tips to putting a spring into your skincare step:

1. Superboost Your Skin, Supercharge Your Body

The quickest way to revive dull, pallid winter skin and simultaneously boost your health is to start a daily dry body brushing routine. Like a wellbeing workout for your cells, dry body brushing will not only slough away old skin, but will boost circulation. Your skin is the first line of defence for fighting infection, and it will also supercharge your lymphatic system. Before you take a shower in the morning or evening, use a body brush to sweep from the feet upwards and on the upper body use circular clockwise movements towards the heart.

If you’re feeling sluggish then an alternative tool to boost energy flow is the Gua Sha which is used in Chinese medicine to increase Chi (energy) in the system. Our top tip is post shower or bath, apply the deeply nourishing Scentiana Rescuing Balm to skin, and using a Gua Sha for the body, sweep over skin with pressure. Notice the afterglow.

Woman Applying Scentiana Body Scrub To Legs

2. Exfoliate to Rejuvenate

Whilst a body brush can boost skin circulation, for really polishing crocodile skin shins we would recommend using a body scrub twice a week. This will ensure other products really skin into the skin and will allow products like self tan to be applied more evenly. The Scentiana Smoothing Body Scrub contains Pink Himalayan salt, hydrating Rosehip oil as well as Jasmine, Sandalwood and Pink Grapefruit essential oils. This exquisite exfoliator gives back more than it takes away, leaving skin deliciously soft and smooth rather than stripped.

Sun Shining Between Trees In Open Forest

3. Embrace the Great Outdoors

There is a lot of research currently into the impact of nature on our wellbeing with some doctors in the UK now prescribing nature walks as medicine. “Shinrinyoku” is a Japanese term for a wellbeing trip to the forest, otherwise known as ‘Forest Bathing. ’Scientific studies have shown that exposure to trees boosts our immune function and one study in the National Library of Medicine showed that two hours of exposure to a forest environment reduced inflammation in the body significantly. Other studies have shown that 7 days of forest bathing was enough to reduce blood pressure and increase antioxidants in the body. So, this spring, get creative and take your workout off the gym floor into some outside space. Try using outdoor steps for cardio or step ups on benches toning your legs. Even a 20 minute walk in a green space has been proven to scientifically reduce stress.

Woman Holding Scentiana Body Balm

4. Bodycare with Benefits

Central heating and cold weather conditions may have left your skin dehydrated. For thirsty skin, it’s essential to hydrate from the inside as well as the outside, so firstly make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day.

Secondly, invest in a nourishing body cream and use it daily. The Scentiana Replenishing Cream is deeply nourishing and packed with Bourgainvillea plant stem cells which encourage natural cell renewal. For really dry or neglected skin the Rescuing Body Balm can be used as a dreamy full body mask overnight or for giving bare limbs a beautifully scented healthy glow.

Spring Flowers With Glaring Sunlight

5. Feel the Sun on your Skin

We all know that it’s vital to use sunscreen throughout the year to protect our skin from sun damage. However there’s another very topical conversation around skin health right now and that is in ensuring that we get enough sunlight for healthy body functioning. Sunlight is vital for synthesising Vitamin D, for a healthy immune system, regulating circadian rhythms and hormones and balancing our mood. Therefore many doctors are now prescribing daily ‘safe’ sun time without sunscreen. Experts are recommending we head outside for 15-20 minutes in the morning before the sun gets too strong.

6. Hit Refresh

As the weather shifts and another season is left behind us, so our mindset shifts too. Updating your skincare for spring will refresh your mind as well as your epidermis, but there are other ways to feel that sense of renewal too. Firstly try decluttering your home - cleanse yourself of the clothes you no longer wear or the discarded items gathering dust in your roof. A good clear out can reduce life baggage (both mentally and physically) which creates space to let new possibilities in. Alternatively perhaps your body needs a sweep-through as well. The Human Being Diet from nutritionist Petronella Ravenshear is a complete reset of your eating patterns which can help you release ingrained habits. Tapping into your body’s natural wisdom you can expect better energy, stable blood sugar levels, rebalanced hormones and weight loss.

Spring is a time to tap into the new energy all around us - from the buds bursting on the trees, to the birds building their nests and the energetic new light in the mornings. Harness it, work with it and hold it in your hands - find the joy in new beginnings.