The Benefit of Roses in Skin Care


What is it about roses that has given them such a cult following? Their healing qualities were first discovered thousands of years ago. Legend has it that Egyptian queen Cleopatra added rose water to her famous milk baths. She also used it to saturate the sails of her ships to surround herself in the glorious scent. Egyptians also boiled rose blossoms to prepare wound healing ointments and rose oil was used to protect the skin from the mercilessly drying desert air.

Roman women also believed in rose water’s youth-preserving qualities and the South American Inca considered rose oil a remedy against most ailments. Rose’s reputation was somewhat tarnished by Medieval fashionistas, who had the tendency to mix rose water with lead powder. While it did help in whitening the skin, it had serious repercussions for overall health.

The rose truly rose (!!) to fame came in the 19th century, when it became mass-produced in the form of lotions, soaps, creams and rose water-based perfume. In fact, rose perfume became a popular gender-neutral product. Look around beauty stores today and you will discover the popularity of this exquisite flower shows no signs of abating.

Pierre-Joseph Redouté 'Rosa gallica aurelianensis', 1824


Roses can provide a wonderful source of beauty vitamins, including Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin A, a powerful anti-ageing ingredient (the latter is particularly abundant in Rosehip Seed Oil). Of course, the warm scent of this flower has a positive impact on our overall wellbeing too.

There are several kinds of rose ingredients used in beauty products.

  • Rose water or hydrolat: Can be used alone to promptly moisturise the skin or restore its pH balance.
  • Rose oil: found in serums, creams and cleansing products.
  • Rose petal extract: included in water-based creams and serums as well as calming and moisturising face masks.
  • Stem cell extract: the most cutting-edge ingredient. Stem cells are responsible for restoring damaged areas in plants. Extracts of these cells are used in creams to help protect the skin against adverse external factors.
Rose Mist In Basket


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