5 Wellbeing Names to Know

However much time we dedicate to our own self-care sometimes guidance from an expert is what’s called for. The world of wellbeing is busting with competing names. Here we share Scentiana’s most inspirational and reputed finds.

Best for Healthy Eating: Rose Ferguson

Eating well is in nutritionist Rose Ferguson’s blood. Her grandmother opened one of the first health food shops in the country. Fast forward to today and Rose is leading the way, helping A-listers and beyond to make healthier choices every day. Starting out as a model, she did runway shows and advertising campaigns for labels including Chanel, Versace, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana. However, the rigours of the job and bringing up healthy, happy children led Rose to question the nutritional value and quality of the food she bought. So, she took herself off to college and qualified as a naturopathic nutritionist. 

Rose Ferguson


Rose now runs a clinic on Harley Street, as well as in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, where she lives with her husband, the artist Jake Chapman, and their three children.

Best for Sleep: Lisa Sanfilippo

Yoga teacher and psychotherapist Lisa has combined her skills to create a yoga programme that ensures a good night’s sleep. The focus is on bringing habits into balance by learning to manage the body. Starting with repair, Lisa teaches how to remove tension and discover your personal sleep type. Then she works with your circadian rhythms, easing the nervous system out of the stress response, and into the relaxation response.

Lisa Sanfilippo


Next, Lisa tackles the mind, looking at mental digestion, mindfulness and other tools and techniques that allow the brain to slow down before then giving you powerful techniques to help and work through any challenges which might affect sleep. The result? You’ll feel calmer, more at ease and more able to release into rest.

Best for Standing Tall: Boniface Verney-Carron

It’s all about collaboration for French osteopath Boniface Verney-Carron, who began his journey at the IMC, the first Integrated Medical Centre in Europe. The experience convinced him that the key to providing the best care for his patients is to work collaboratively with doctors and other complementary therapists, from psychotherapy to TCM to Ayurveda and everything in between. This training prompted an impactful approach to his work, with Boniface concentrating on the origin of his patient's symptoms, rather than on the symptoms themselves.

Boniface Verney-Carron


Now based in Ibiza, with his wife Arizona Muse and two children, Boniface offers private sessions as well as running the digital educational health and fitness platform ‘Oona Series’. He is also a member of the RoseBar committee, Six Senses Ibiza’s pioneering longevity program.

Best for Self-Care: Katia Narain Phillips

Katia has spent decades helping people feel their best. She first studied photography in Boston before training as a massage therapist. Here, she channelled her passion for wellness and healthy eating into training as a chef. Hailed as a ‘raw food pioneer’, she ran the innovative raw food 'Nectar Café' in London for many years.

Katia Narain Phillips


Now, Katia is wowing the wellness world with her award-winning supplement drink Phyto Nectars, a powerful blend of plants, mushrooms and vitamins, which provides increased immunity, better sleep and hyper focus. She has also joined forces with her sister Nadia, bringing together their combined 40 years’ experience in wellness, to co-write two best-selling books, Self Care in the Real World and Rituals for Everyday.

Best for the Nervous System: Nahid de Belgeonne

Nahid de Belgeonne is not known as ‘the nervous system whisperer’ for nothing. A Somatic Movement coach, breath and yoga teacher with a passion for sharing the healing benefits of movement, she has been a pivotal part of the London fitness landscape for 15 years. After operating successful yoga & wellbeing brand, Good Vibes, then focusing on private clients, Nahid’s latest project is Soothe, a ground-breaking programme, which gives people an easy way to make emotional shifts through movement.

Nahid de Belgeonne


Restorative rocking plays a major part, where you breathe deeper, rock yourself calm, soften your stressed body and roll your eyes in order to soothe the brain. You soon begin to heal, moving away from feelings of chronic stress and anxiety. Goodbye burnout, goodbye Post-Traumatic Stress. Soothing indeed.

Scentiana takes an interconnected approach to health, knowing that how we look after our skin can also affect our emotional map. We hope this little guide will help fast track you to some of best holistic practitioners in the business and encourage you to take an integrated approach to your wellbeing.